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Or hoofpick pics? Just some things I've been messing with.


The guillotine needs a bolster on the other side I think. Made it to make a Bill Epps type dragonfly (broke a wing before finishing, it's in one of the pics).


The bracelet is an older, beat up version of a bunch I've been making from .25" ish stock. They're mostly shinier. :D I've been wearing this one non-stop to see how it held up. (It doesn't quite, added another coat of lacquer to the new ones since.)

Also, some chile peppers.


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Very nice. I like the idea of the bottle opener / hoof pick. I've done openers and I've doe picks, but I hadn't thought to combine the two. I may have to do one. Out of curiosity, about how big are the rings on the openers, or what size do you drift them to. I'm still trying to perfect mine.

 I also like the chili. I had planned to play with trying to do one some time soon as I need a few other things for my table in a few weeks. Thanks.

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LOL... The chili is realistic because I included it for perspective when I threw it up on etsy. I guess you could say I helped make it, but it's out of the garden. Although I do have a bunch of small leftovers floating around the shop......hmmm.

I was doing the openers with a drift umm...1" ish?, and then squishing them oval a little, but I've got some sort of cone shaped thing (official technical term) that I use as a mandrel with a new...interesting technique. After the 1" punch, I go over to ye old stump....and it is the old rotten anvil stump, put the hot piece over premade hole, and whack the mandrel into it. Works like a charm and usually take it to a hair under 1.25" and leaving them round. Still opens beer. Checked just in case...

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Thanks. The holes looked a lot smaller in those picts. 1" is the drift size I've been using. I've wondered a bit about dropping down a bit smaller on things like shoes, but I haven't taken the time to make a 3/4" drift yet. I guess I could just use what I have and not fully drift, but I haven't really thought to do so when doing one so far.


LOL on the chili. I was thinking the colors looked really great and was thinking of asking what paints you used on it. I was thinking some sort of automotive paints to get that great color.

I forged some 1/2" pipe down on one end and fullered one end just about closed to make 2 8" " torpedoes" for a friend who is trying to weld up a steam punk sub for her son who just graduated sub school. It wouldn't take much to simply shorten up the design and draw the end out the rest of the way to make a chili. It's on my "ply" list next time or so I get to forge.

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I remember a story about a bunch of blacksmiths gathered around an old black and white book with lots of photos of the most vivid and realistic vinelike scrollwork they had ever seen.  All the captions in the book were in a foreign language that one of their friends understood.  They took the book to him and he said it was a garden book.

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