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Hey everyone!


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Although I've been posting and reading here for about a week . .I missed this section ..and since I just made "Member" I think it's still OK for me to introduce myself. ( a somewhat formal introduction can't hurt. .and better late than never )

My name is Mihai ( Michael would be the English equivalent), I'm 18 and I'm from Severin, Romania. For those who haven't heard about this country . .Dracula came from here . . as well as some gymnasts and soccer players ( Nadia and Hagi would be the most famous). For those who live in this country . .please contact me!

A few years back I started building a shop because I really wanted to make swords and possibly armor, not knowing what it would take. I decided not to quit this "hobby" after I bought a 4.4 pound hammer with my allowance money. At the time I thought that it would be embarrassing for me to quit after investing so much money :D .( I didn't know how much more time and money I would put into this along the way)

To make a long story short. .I finished and inaugurated my shop on the 10 of September this year.
I joined this site to learn more . .and help, where I can, with some theoretical knowledge, as that is the only kind I have so far ..and it's still not a lot.

As far as I've seen everybody here is very nice and respectful and willing to share knowledge ( and even give some personal tutoring. . in some cases.) and I'm very happy to have joined :D .

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Mihai, AKa (Mende) AKA (Michael) AKA (Blacksmith),
I want to welocme you to IFI.
I have seen your posts, and thought you had jumped into the fray while I was on vacation because you seemd to blend in so well.
I see your a thinker, and with no doubt you are well on your way to absorbing the knowledge to master the craft of blacksmithing.
Be safe!
Old Rusty Ted

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