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ABS Performance Test


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ABS Performance Test

Journeyman and Master Smith Judging Guidelines

ABS Performance Test

The posted material has been removed as it is copyrighted.

ABS denied permission to post copyrighted material ABS Performance Test, Journeyman and Master Smith Judging Guidelines, and Master Smith Applicant, the but suggested a link instead. (11-27-07) per Greg Neely, Chairman, American Bladesmith Society, Inc.

A link has been established with their permission.

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Here's my test.

Photo 3
This is a 6.5" thick dried hemlock log which is super hard stuff.
I chopped through it with this Bowie that I mad a few years back and it could still easily shave hair after.
I have chopped down trees a foot thick with my knives, why not.

Photo 1
Here's another knife and another 6" thick log, this one dried fir.
I chopped a dead dry alder down with the same knife minutes before this.
The knife shaved no problem after cutting both logs.

Photo 2
This is my version of the ABS 90% vise bend.
That 52100 is tough stuff.

Here's the rope cut video. ?action=view&current=Ropecut.flv
It's a free hanging 1.5" thick Manila braid tug boat line, and it's a lot harder to cut through than hemp.




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