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Forge Design HELP!!!


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The Blacksmith Guild of Virginia is moving forward and we are looking to have about 5 side draft forge designs built for our demonstrators to use off site at potential conferences, or area hammer ins. For those familiar with SOFA...their forges are the ones I would like to build. I have also heard them referred to as BAM designed forges...

I am wondering if anyone out there has the plans for this commonly used design. I will be using Centaur blowers and maybe firepots as well(Depends on their prices compared to others around).

If any of ya'll can share with me a resource where I can get my hands on the plans I would really appreciate it. I need to get an idea on costs before I can move forward....and having plans/materials etc would help greatly in pricing.

Thanks for your help.

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Well its been quite a few years but if I remember right the plans for the BAM forge originally appeared in the Blacksmith's Journal so were likely designed by Jerry Hoffman. I only took it the first three years so it should be somewhere in those years. My issues are at work and I won't be back there til Monday. Back issues are cheap and Jerry may throw you a freebie because you are making these for your "affiliate".

I buy forge pots from a friend in IL. $118 for the pot and ball only (fab your own piping and ash dump) or $200 complete. VERY heavy duty. Email me if you want more info.

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