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I Forge Iron

Brand new coal forge


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I decided to finally upgrade from a hole in the ground to a forge that stands off the ground.



The whole design was pretty easy, i just slapped everything together and seems to work fine, however i still need to cut out a generously sized slot in the side of the base so my steel can heat evenly (oops!)


) <---- i borrowed the design of this forge from this guy


Again the whole design of this thing is pretty straightforward, i use this peddle thingy to control airflow. ( i realize i am using alot of coal, i just dumped a bunch on their, later realizing that that was too much hehe =) )

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Looks good. Control the fire by how much air you give it. You can prop steel at different places on the table rim to adjust how it lays in the fire. Propped on a close side will tip the steel deeper in the fire, propped on a far corner and it'll lay higher. Experiment a little before you start modifying your forge, it's too easy to mess things up guessing how it "should" be when some time using it will tell you how it IS. Decisions based on IS are always better than decisions based on should.


Frankly I don't have a lot of patience for folk who dwell on how things SHOULD be instead of how they are. I call them "Should heads."


Frosty The Lucky.

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