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Electric Blower how much CFM???


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I came across some small electric blowers today that look a lot like the old handcrank ones and have an closure built in over the air intake.



I have the choice of three units

2"pipe      192m3/h (113CFM)      150W 1.0A

2-½"Pipe  390m3/h (229CFM)      260W 1.6A

3"Pipe      510m3/h (300CFM)      370W 2.0A



All units have a cycle of 50/60Hz and 3000/3600RPM






So which one would you guys go for to use in a coke forge???


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Depends on the size of the fire ball you want to build, how big the pipe is to the forge, how long a run and how many bends. Air is subject to friction loss just like any "fluid". That said, the bigest one can always be controled with a gate or bypas. Wile the smallest can always have a smaller forge built around it. What ever you do, don' reduce the pipe size untile you reach the tweer, minimise your bends (side blast has a distinct advantage here) and mount the blower as close as practical.

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Forge isn't built yet. I am taking the approach of gather ll the materials parts first. Otherwise you get part way through and have those oh I should have done that instead or need to compromise/redo things.



PaulKrzysz.  Are you otherwise happy with the blower?   Do you use the air intake gate on the side or do you use a secondary one between the blower and forge?  My concern with the one built in the side of the blower it is used to cool the motor also.

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The 2'' blower is not powerful enough to use in my forge. It barely got the coke lit. My firepot is 8x10 at the top and about 4'' deep.

I bought a bouncy castle blower instead. Yes I used a air gate on the forge (See Pics)

I will use the 2'' blower in a gas forge.




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