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Practical Data for Metallurgists


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Practical Data for Metallurgists
Sixteenth Edition


Welcome to the Practical Data for Metallurgists, the guide that technical experts, operations managers and engineering personnel have turned to for more than 50 years for the latest metallurgical information. 


Our guide—which conforms with information published by AISI and SAE—includes an updated listing of standard steels and their chemical compositions, hardening abilities and tolerances.

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Thank you Glenn ,


I had that Information a some time ago in my files and lost it when I up graded to my New System .... I now have invested in a very "Nice Extremely LARGE External drive.  I made it as a 20 terabyte unit so for size I am good for a long time . It is for Downloaded books, posted photos, schematics, drawings, directions for projects Ect, and Any PDF's I find that I will want to add to my Library for my self, others, or reference for later  from Now on .  Among other things as a stand alone unit from my computer all I do is hook to  it and down load to the system and save it for the future if needed or for a Back -up due to a crash . it is one of the most Awesome investments I have made as is holds All of the families computers back-ups on it and they are up dated every lil bit to preserve their integrity and functionality as for others folks trust me it is an investment you will never regret and the Hard drive is very well protected so it should last for ever.



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