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swage clamp anvil?

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I've attached a few more photos.  Some more digging determined it is a bolt and nut forming swage anvil.  The two center dies can rotate so different size bolt shafts can be formed.  Not sure what I will do with it, but it is a nice conversation piece.

As for the other items in the title photo - I did bring home the large column drill press seen behind the bolt swage (it stands 6ft high and is belt driven).  The horizontal steam engine went to the scrapper - just kidding.  If I had a way to load/transport it I could have it. The engine probably ways north of 10,000lbs.  The engine is complete including the Garner Denver fly ball governor.



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Looks like a bolt header to me. The center dies are or the initial heading and the hex swages around the sides are for forging the heads to hexes. At least that looks like to me I most certainly could be wrong.


It'd look even better painted my shop colors. <sigh>


Frosty The Lucky.

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I’d love it in my shop just the way that it is! Shown is an engraving of a bolt heading vise without the nut swages but clearly by the same manufacturer. Also shown is its lighter duty cousin in my shop. Note the heading dies in the side protrusion. The previous owner was using it to make rosehead nails thus the special additions to the vises jaws.




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