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1903 Eclipse air hammer

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I'm new to this group.  Quick bio on myself: I'm an architect that specializes in architectural preservation.  I've been smithing for about 10 years now as a hobby, mainly producing architectural related items and furniture for myself.

I recently acquired a unique pneumatic air hammer with the name of Eclipse on the guide. It utilizes a Ingersoll Rand rock drill for the movement of the ram.  It has a 1903 patent date.  The entire hammer weights about 2000'bs.  Anyone know more info or have photos of another?  I've not hooked it up yet so, don't know how it operates - it does NOT have a foot treadle like my Little Giant hammers.  I've attached a photo.

Any information would be very much appreciated.


Lowell Ross

Woodland Park, CO



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Very interesting. I have never seen a commercially made hammer like that. In the shop I used to work in we had a shop made version using the same sort of IR hammer. It had been built for light swaging, sharpening star drills, etc. IR made a line of rockdrill sharpeners that were very impressive machines.

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