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And another RR Spike Hawk

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Here's another I just finished for a buddy. You guys are probably starting to get tired of seeing these, but they sell well and they're easy to get a hold of. he wanted just a good camp chopper and something that would throw too. I mounted it on a blacksmith hammer handle because I forgot to size the eye bigger. Ooops. I have to re-hang the handle though, as you can see it cracked up by the eye when I wedged it. I may order a mousehawk handle and see if it fits it? I know Kayne and Son has em' purdy cheap. Or I may just chop it off where it cracked and use the same handle. 


Thanks for looking! 





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Hey Benton, I missed this one. Looks good! What are you using for a drift? If you have not purchased one yet, you mentioned kayne n sons, but another source is Hawkins knife making supplies, they have polls for full size and mouse, as well as drifts. I purchased my full size drift from imountainforge (the site is Iron Mountain Forge, but to get it to pull up on google, use the condensed version). hope it came out okay!


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Hey Mitch! Thanks for the kind words! I am using Kayne and Sons, but I'll definitely check Hawkins and Iron Mountain forge out! I actually had to strip the handle off of this and ended up carving a handle. Here's how it turned out finally. I'm shopping around for an ax eye drift so I can up my game a little bit. Any special recommendations for those? 




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