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Bowie's Hammer-in in Knoxville October 10-12, 2014

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Bowie (Ron Claiborne) will be having his annual hammer-in October 10-12, October, 2014. It is at 2918 Ellistown Road, Knoxville, Tennessee If you need more information you can call him at 865-660-1569. There is camping on the grounds but you will probably want to get there Thursday afternoon so you can stake out the flat spot.

Demonstrations will start by 9:00 Friday morning. Plan on being through with breakfast and ready to sit down by then because the demo will start promptly at 9:00.

I will be showing and demonstrating my new Ribbon Burner Forge and showing how you can build your own. I will then weld up a billet using 3/4# pressure on the propane and will do the weld dry (no flux). We're counting on Bill Wiggins to demo a laminated blade (maybe he will use my billet), Jesus Hernandez is (I think) going to demo sword quenching, Alex Daniels will do something, and Alan Longmire will do something Mark is going to contact Ken Durham to show some of his magic.

There is no charge to attend but bring money for Iron In The Hat tickets and maybe something to donate to the Iron In The Hat. There is always a very good Iron In The Hat with high quality knives and other desirable items.

Motels and restaurants are close.

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The demonstrators for Bowie’s Hammer-in for 2014 confirmed at this time are:
Wayne Coe Ribbon Burner Forge, How to build one.  Also information on Pyrometers. 
Jimmy Hyde Welding in the Ribbon Burner Forge without Flux. 
Jimmy has been having some health problems and if he is not up to it Wayne will do the weld.
Alan Longmire will make a Spike axe.  Just different enough from a tomahawk to not be the same demo he has done for the past 12 years.
Stephen Fowler doing a Forge Finished Knife.
Jesus Hernandez doing hamon including a clay quenching demo. 

More to be posted as available.

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