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Display Only Anvil Age?

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Yesterday I went to buy a Vulcan 120# anvil and when I got there, I saw tiny hairlines all over the side. I tapped the top with my ball peen and it was dead and rattled in some spots. I offered the man $70.00, probably too much, and explained to him that it was basically useless to me. I bought it because I feel like I can flip it as a display anvil. My question is, how do I tell how old this Vulcan is? It has a 12 cast in the side, as well as two "78" 's. I hate I drove an hour to get that thing and it was busted up like it is, but hey, we win some, and lose some.





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Yes, you got a dead anvil.  Vulcans were made from about 1875 to the 1950's or early 1960's.  They are considered a junky anvil at best.  They were made in a way similar to Fisher anvils, but with a thinner faceplate, and poor quality iron.  Kind of hard to tell their age as few were dated.  The only ones easy to date had a small oval logo on the side of the anvil opposite of where the logo is on yours.


Your anvil has some major structural cracking, and obviously missing part of the faceplate.  Yes, it will made a good display anvil, boat  anchor, door stop, mooring weight, but its life as an anvil is over.

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As it turns out, I could not bare to look at the foul looking Vulcan this morning, so I took it out to the grinder and welder and fixed it as good as you can with a mig welder. Surprisingly, it now has good rebound and sound solid along the top (compared to the rattle from yesterday). I decided I will sell it as a display anvil. I am pleased with the way it looks, too bad you can't judge a book by it's cover!







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