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I Forge Iron

Any info ????


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It is an ancient squirrel cage blower. If you knew the diameter of both openings, the diameter of the squirrel wheel and the RPMs of the motor, a rough estimate of it's CFMs could be made. (cubic feet per minute). There is no doubt it will make a forge work, the only question is how large of a forge it will run. 


The blower itself will be usable, since the bearings are in the motor. You may want to see what is available at https://www.surpluscenter.com/   

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Thanks for the reply the outlet is 4 in the inlet is also 4 and the cage it self is 5 in motor if I can get it working says 1725 speed 1/20 hp  I took the motor apart and it needs brushes hope it works if not might try to hook a new one up to the blower the blower itself is nice and heavy duty

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update on the vintage GE motor ,,,put new brushes into it nothing so I took it to a place in town and the said it was toast (armature) so iam sending it to a place in Florida that can get it going again ,if it aint crazy high been trying to find a replacement for it but no look yet  the closest Ive got so far is a unit bearing motor but have not been able to put my hands and eyes on one to see if I can make it work ,not to many motors out there with a 3/8 shaft that's 2 in long

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