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little Colombian anvil

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well I picked up a little 40lb or there a bouts anvil that i was planning on setting my brother up using as a small and portable anvil for light work

i realize its a cast anvil but in looking around i cant seem to pin down if its a cast iron aso not good for more than riveting on a bench or if its a cast steel anvil that he can in fact have some fun with as all he really wants to do at the moment is hooks and nails

she rings and around 75% rebound so in my book that seems like an anvil even if the horn is a horrible duckbill

long story short I don't want to give him something that will be a real pain to use and or dangerous (i wish to feed this bug and hope he really ends up catching the blacksmithing bug) so will this work for someone making hooks and nails that likes the idea of working on a real anvil and not a piece of track


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i had a 120lb mouse hole for  him to use but he did a number on his back last fall and that fact the he is about 140lb after you toss him in the pond this seemed a better weight to be moving in and out

i ended up trading the mouse-hole for this one as part of a deal for 2 2 inch and one 1 1/2 inch slicks for timber framing one of those nice deals where every one went away happy

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