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Hello, my name is Rodney Groshans, I live just outside of Wichita, KS.  I have dabble on and off with smithing, had even been a member of the local smithing association for a spell.  Unfortunately I hadn't been very active so I had ended membership (thinking of renewing that membership).


My present setup is not condusive for really doing much.  Everything is tucked into the garage.  If I want to do any forging I have to either drag all of my equipment out onto the drive or drag everything that isn't my equipment out onto the drive.


To eliviate all of that I am in the works to build a pole barn type free standing lean-to typ structure behind the garage...and eventually put at least three sides on it.


Equipment wise I have a 55# ASO from Harbor frieght, but I also have a short (approx 12") chunk of rail that I am mounting on end to use as an anvil as well.  For a forge I have a small single burner propane forge, a home built charcoal forge, and a build in progress coal forge table.


Once I get this lean-to up I am hoping to recoup any of the knowledge I previously possessed and hopefully learn to improve my meager skills.


Just looking through this forum I see a vast amount of experience that I hope I can learn form.

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Welcome aboard Rodney, glad to have you. RR rail makes a good anvil if a little light. On end increases the incident of rebound significantly. Old truck axles, larger shafting, ripper blades (not teeth, just the blade), etc. all make fine anvils.


Joining back up with your local organization is a good idea. An hour or two with an experienced smith will teach more than days or even weeks learning on your own. Then there's the advantages for finding tools, equipment, materials, etc. Heck, I just like hanging out with blacksmiths for some odd reason.


I hope you enjoy the learning curve, blacksmithing has an endless one. Of course if you just like playing with fire and hitting things it's the right craft for that too.


Frosty The Lucky.

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