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Stacy and Bills Pipehawk

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I was given 1 of 8 pieces of 1 1/2" curly maple dowel by Stacy Apelt that came from Bill Moran to make a hawk haft from. This is what i made for myself i am keeping it because i figure its as close to one of Bills pieces that i will ever get. The head is forged from a 3/4"
round bar of 1095/15n20 damascus from Craig Barr and the bowl is hard silver soldered on
fittings are ivory. The o.a.l. is 20 3/4" and the head is 7 1/4" from bit to bowl with a 1 3/4"
edge. Thanks for looking i'm going to fire this baby up!






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Thanks i find the wrap around to be easier, but with this one there was no forge welds just slit and drift.Next time i will use some square stock instead of round. You can start with an old ball pien hammer and make a very nice pipe,spike or hammer hawk use the hammer end for the bit and the ball end for the bowl,spike or hammer.


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