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9 Inch Chef's Knife


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Several months ago a small chef's knife company approached me about making a limited edition line for them, and after much back and forth we finally agreed on a design using 15n20 and 1084 "san mai" with black ash burl. This is a picture of the 9 inch chef knife they sent me as an example of size and proportions.
The blade is fine and it is extremely sharp but the handle is extremely uncomfortable so it required some redesign. The one thing you can't see in the photo is that their chef knife handle is essentially square and completely flat, I also didn't like the 90 degree drop from the handle to the blade so I added a more gently curve.
I did also attempt a hamon, and in some of the pictures you can see it peeking through. In person it is a very interesting and apparent effect.
I still have to make the display box for this in addition to two more of these knives, one with mammoth ivory scales, but I thought I would share what I had so far and see what everyone thought of it. All comments are welcome and thanks for looking! 
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Beautiful knife. I like the modifications you chose to make. I can actually see how more of a squared off cross-section can aide in the gripping ability of some knives, but personally, I prefer an oval cross-section as well.  Robert


P.S.- Your hamon is strangely organic. It seems like some wild beast trying to emerge from within. :D

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I really like your work!

There seems to be a great debate on knife handle shapes, much as with that of hammer handles, I mean some idiots(me included) actually flatten the sides of their hammer handles?

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