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I Forge Iron

Hello from the Philadelphia region!

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Hello everyone!


I've just started forging earlier this spring, and have had three days of hammering iron so far. My setup is pretty primitive, with a forge built out of a commode, a smoker, and a shop-vac (currently burning charcoal). I'm using an I-beam from a scrapyard as my anvil.


Attached are some pictures of my first attempts at forging. A primitive knife (first piece ever -- I was able to grind the blade a bit smoother in post-production), simple tongs, a fire poker, and a bracelet for my fiancee.










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Welcome aboard Alex, glad to have you. Your first move should be get something better for an anvil. I beam is just heavy, there's  no mass under the hammer, seriously a boulder works better.


Frosty The Lucky.

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