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Little advice on a power hammer conception

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Hello every one ! 

As a quick presentation, I'm a young blade-smith from France, who has a tendency of making his own tools and machines.
I live in a residential area, my neighbors are quite accommodating with the noise made by my activity (they make enough noise at night and with their lawnmower ! ;) ) 

As I'm getting into new techniques and bigger pieces, I'm  dreaming of a little power hammer of hydraulic press...
(I mainly make knives but I make some pieces like spear heads, tools, and patterning on a regular basis ) 

For the press, I cannot get a motor more powerful  that 3kw so that's a bit short, and it's lacking a bit of flexibility IMHO   

So my heart is a bit tending to a power hammer... 

I have been researching for quite a bit of time and have my preferences on either a tire hammer or a clutch hammer 

I don't really aim for a heavy hammer weight, something like 25-35lb would be nice.

My real problem is about the noise that it makes, this weekend, I was near a 40 kg self contained power hammer, and it shook the earth a bit... that can't be happening here ;)
I read of anvil fire  that the hammer/anvil ratio was quite important is the noise making process (as it is to the hit efficiency) 
I was thus considering making a power hammer with a 1:40 - 1:50 ratio, which would make me have an anvil of 600-750 kg for 15 kg of hammer.

in adition to this, I plan on making a think rubber soil and filing every thing with sand to increase the mass at a maximum 

But, because there is a but, I can't find any power hammer that have been made with such a ratio and Have thus no idea at all of the effectiveness of it... and, as you can  imagine, I can't really put a lot of money into steel and part to have something that don't work as I hope... 

My noise reference would be two people hitting with a 5kg hammer on an anvil, more would become a bit more complicated neighbor-wise... 

So my question is : Does anyone have some kind of a feedback on a build like the one I'm planing ?

Thank you for reading this ! 


Links removed at Jocks request (anvilfire)


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I'm making a rolling mill out of an old pipe threading machine I have. Search Steve Sells' posts for info on his rolling mill. He uses it making knives and such... maybe that would possibly be something that would help you... and it is very quiet too.

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