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Fixing a hole in slack tub?


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So i've got a nice big 30 gallon drum which i want ot use for a large water tub, but about 5 inches from the bottom there's a 3/4" long dent which is punctured through. I covered it over with a blob of hot glue for now and it's holding the water for the time being with a little bit of a drip-drip-drip leak from behind the glue plug, but I need something more permanant / better than a hot glue glob.

Anyone have any good solutions to a long term water-tight solution to the puncture in my slacktub... one that wont melt away if I accidentally get hot metal too close to it >_

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For a barrel patch cut two pieces of 14 or 12 gauge about 2" larger than the dent/hole area and curve them to the barrel and two pieces of gasket material or inner tube rubber the same size, drill two holes for 3/16 or 1/4" bolts in the steel . drill matching holes in the barrel punch tight holes in the rubber . install plate-rubber-barrel-rubber-plate and thighten the bolts. you can also use the belt and suspenders route :)and silicone the hole as well.


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The fiberglass / resin kits from car repair stores are only about $10 / in your money, great for patching where the hole is a bit bigger than filler will do alone.

this stuff sticks like, well its very sticky, wear a vapour mask if your operating heavy machinery after using though :) - or enjoy and then have a headache for 4 hours. :o

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