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Okay so i found this Hand cranked blower at the local antique store.


I HAVE NOT picked it up yet.


I was actually wondering if you guys thought that it's price was fair or what i should ask for it.

It currently has a $189 price tag. Not sure, but that seems like a little much.

It seems like just about everything is there but the handle.




I'm no expert on these things, but i'm pretty sure that nob at the center top is where the hand crank it's self should be located. I tried to hand spin it and i couldn't get it to budge at all.

On the flip side there is a hole in the center of it that gives me direct line of site to the fan, and i can spin it with my hand quite easily.


So what would be a good price to ask for this thing?

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I figured as much.

Granted Ebay isn't doing much to prove my point as i saw one for $385.. OUTCH!


The blower i'm looking at seems to be in pretty good condition as far as lack of rust (not that that means anything) but I just wish it had a handle (not that hat's hard to fabricate) 


So what's your guy's take on a fair price to offer? 

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