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  1. Where will this be located? It's the day after my 20th birthday! XD I guess that's a sign saying It's something I should be attending :D
  2. Sounds like there are a lot more people around here than I thought! I'm based out of SO Cal, the Temecula area. Moved here just over a year ago from Nampa Idaho. I ALMOST have my forge up and ready so I'm about to get started ;D Don't forget that there are black smithing classes one can take down in Vista at the steam engine museum!
  3. Good afternoon again! Thanks for all the feed back. And its nice to know that my first anvil also happens to have a stealth mode! (Quiet) Here are the pictures of my anvil a but better. the last one is how I got it home! (16hour drive home from Oregon to south California)
  4. I can have those pictures for you by Friday :D Thanks all for the replies! I'm super stoked to begin forging!
  5. Greetings and good afternoon! I cannot explain how excited I am to have finally found an anvil! (California is super scarce it seems) I have located a (according to the owner a) 150# Fisher anvil Let me know what you guys think!
  6. which reminded me i totally spaced on getting a picture of the thread! It seems to be in pretty decent condition, but i'll likely go over it with something to make it look less rusty and un-cared for. I'll be looking into that Electrolysis, I've heard a thing or two about it, but never really looked into it. (that's changing) Thank you guys for giving this a read and giving some feed back!
  7. Hello again all at IFI! Check out what just came in the mail today! :D I'm pretty excited! This is actually the first tool i purchased, but like 5th to actually make it home. It seems to be in pretty good condition, but i'd like to clean it up a bit and make it pretty :P Any ideas on how i should go about this? i know most have a bit of different techniques because they are all weathered differently. so any tips or links to help me go about this would be SUPER appreciated.
  8. I figured as much. Granted Ebay isn't doing much to prove my point as i saw one for $385.. OUTCH! The blower i'm looking at seems to be in pretty good condition as far as lack of rust (not that that means anything) but I just wish it had a handle (not that hat's hard to fabricate) So what's your guy's take on a fair price to offer?
  9. Okay so i found this Hand cranked blower at the local antique store. I HAVE NOT picked it up yet. I was actually wondering if you guys thought that it's price was fair or what i should ask for it. It currently has a $189 price tag. Not sure, but that seems like a little much. It seems like just about everything is there but the handle. I'm no expert on these things, but i'm pretty sure that nob at the center top is where the hand crank it's self should be located. I tried to hand spin it and i couldn't get it to budge at all. On the flip side there is a hole in the center of it that gives me direct line of site to the fan, and i can spin it with my hand quite easily. So what would be a good price to ask for this thing?
  10. I'll probably end up doing the same thing once i get the home forge mostly together. For whatever reason i rather enjoy the idea of running a coal forge! Sure gas is easier to gauge temperature and cleaner and yada yada, but coal just seems more earthy and real ya know? So i think before even starting.. that habit might just be beginning to settle in ;)
  11. Oh i doubt i'm going to walk away from the awesome that I've been missing for so long so easily. Heck, i'm already addicted and i haven't even started yet! ;) So far all i'm really missing is an anvil and a forge. Going to be hitting the scrap yards next week to see if i cant find at least a hunk of scrap metal to start with my anvil. I'm saving the forge for last, because it wont be hard to do (break drum forge), and it would be kind of pointless without the anvil haha
  12. I did not realize Vista was that close! (Granted I never looked for it, and I just moved here a year ago) you can bet I'm going to be checking this place out! I'm also for sure going to look into joining ABANA, and CBA.
  13. Well hello Andrew! My name is Drake, i'm just starting out as well. I'm also here in South California, real close to Temecula, so we aren't to far away! I don't quite have a forge or anything up at the moment (as i'm still pretty green) but hey i'm getting there slowly but surely!
  14. Hello all, and thank you for giving this a read. I am a brand new smith starting off near Temecula California. Wondering if there are any local smiths in the area or a relatively short drive away. So far I have basically nothing but the will to start. I found a post vise on eBay that I picked up for $101.00 I have no anvil or forge yet but I'm still actively looking. (My search started 2 days ago) As far as things I'd be interested in making... Well I'm willing to learn it all, and believe me, I won't be giving up anytime soon. I'm currently working on cleaning up a claw hammer/axe. I grinded the surface down and am now hand sanding it to get rid of all the grinding marks and clean up a bit more. (Already several hours in with only one axe face MOSTLY clean of grinder marks) But I would love to hear from you guys. Thanks for giving this a read!
  15. Yeah I asked that before my long drive home where I happily delved deep into that link, very helpful I think. And I have been lurking for about a week or two now. But obviously no where near long enough haha this is a very neat site with lots of stuff to learn. Just makes it all more exciting! Haha
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