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Hydraulic press upside down


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Then I found that I was going to make me a bench press.
A clue to turn a jack upside down and vent the reservoir and put a new reservoir at the top of the press .
And it seemed granted, although I have never seen anywhere that this could be done.
Those who have built a cheap jack had the auger road and lowered throughout the jack to get pushed something. Cumbersome and backwards , I thought.
Currently I have two ton jack , but the 6 -ton is obtained .
aware , there will be two nuts on the top like the bottom of the foundation.
Iron pieces I got from a old bench press for trimmers.
So it was:

75 cm high and the screws is 24 mm. On the top it shall be to nuts on each side.

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Torbo,  How did you make the connection to the fill hole on the side of the jack ?   The jacks that I can recall had a rubber plug that snapped in to fill hole to hold the oil.  The tube that you installed from the resivoir must connect to some sort of fitting.  What does that filling look like / consist of. 


Look like it would work to me.   

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