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Chainmaille - Oily Wire


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Im using steel wire 16 guage fencing.  But, it has black oil in order to keep it from rusting, while i understand the reason for it, I find it a bit off if i put it on top of clothing (or skin) it leaves a black smudge, So how would I get rid of this?  Should I scrub it off the wire before I use it on my mandrel?  Or should I make the rings, then normalize them?  Im not intending to get into Riveting just yet, while it is cool I have to gather a few more tools for that and am getting into a project for a shirt to start off, will eventually want ot rivet my rings .  any help welcome :)

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that's actually bailing wire, the oil is so it doesn't chew up the hay baler, i simply held it with a rag as i coiled it, but be careful, that can be dangerous, if you use a drill to coil your wire.


also i don't think this is the best site to learn about chainmail, below is a link to the best site possible on the subject. its complete with a library of tutorials, pictures, articles, and a ton of different weaves.




i may have just started smithing, but ive been making chainmaile for 10 years now, and this site is the best tool i could possibly ask for. 

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