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This might go better in the "Forges" section.  I understand you are welding it but most welders look at the other categories and will answer your questions there also.  You might have more questions about your forge than about your welding. Good luck.   

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Not bad. You may end up wanting to trim the sides down a bit so the stock can slide across the pot for longer lengths. This will depend on how high you set your pot. My sides are about 3", and my pot sits about 1" off the table. I may eventually end up building a bit of a ramp so the coal moves easier from the table to the pot vs the way I have it now. Here's the link to my build including the pot if it's of any help to you..



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DSW mentioning the pot reminds me. I suggest that you do not weld the pot to the table after you cut out a hole for it. It will expand and contract with the heat and you will have welds pop if is solidly connect. The pot flange should just rest on the table top. (I welded mine and realized the mistake later.)

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