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winter forged fokos/walking stick head

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here is my unfinished version for my camping/walking stick. made from hot roll 1 1/4" round stock which passed the spark and quench/break test. no idea what steel it is. when finished it will get a 7/8 by 1 1/4 hardwood handle, just over 4 feet long. i am considering langets, and it will also get a butt spike. 

 am unsure about how to shape it, bearded or a more traditional shape. i guess that will be determined by the mood i`m in that day. 

i do get out to the shop once in a while, especially if the temperature goes up past -5' C.


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I like the shape, Eggwelder. I have to use a cane, so now that I keep seeing these here, I may just do one. I know the hawk will have to be comfortable, and a hammer end would be more usefull than a spike end, all of which yours have. Thanks for showing.

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Hi Jon,


I'm happy to hear about you being able to forge again in the wintery Ontario.

Very nice fokos head you got there. It will be a deadly weapon with that 4' long shaft. I'm looking forward to see the ready version. 


Bests to you



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I would think bearded would be best. If it's to be used for a walking stick, it has to serve first as a place to grip it while walking and second as a defense tool. With a bearded axe you can thin the are the hand would grasp it at while not sacrificing the size of the cutting edge.


Function over form

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thanks to all for the comments. i think gromgor might be right on about the beard. i`ve filed and rounded the top portions to make it more comfortable, and some judicious grinding after a blade straightening is in order for the beard. 

snow is melting slowly, am finding things i forgot i had under the snow.

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