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really unique great bellows


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Those bellows are quite common in the UK. I am currently (and very slowly) renovating a pair of these. They are actually quite elaborate on the inside, with three chambers and four valves, to the effect that they "inhale" on both the up stroke and the down stroke. When one of the valves breaks (usually the leather is eaten by mice), it is impossible to know which one it is, and it's a serious pain in the fundament to find out. I believe that they were developed as a more efficient system to deal with the switch from coal to coke. I think the estimate of 1850's is a bit hopeful! Probably more like 1930's.

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I had never seen a round one that was quite that elaborate. Dan, could you post some kind of schematic of the valve arrangement?

I will take photos next time I haul out my bellows. I'll also draw up and post a basic schematic once I figure out how. I use a apple cube-box or whatever it's called (a cast off from my brother), and haven't found it much cop.
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