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I Forge Iron

Oberon (NSW Aust.) Steam fest 8/2/2014

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You know me, I made lots of friends!

Dave made snakes (two to order for visitors). Doc made split crosses (which found a buyer- father wanted to prove his religious-osity to his mum!) I faffed about uncoiling spring, started a hold-fast, hammer wedges, helping the guys... so I didn't sell nuthin.

Was very warm (34 degrees C) but we had the best site being in shade of trees all day, in a breeze.

photos were boring,


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Ok, sorted photos;




our set-up.



some of our practice pieces the week before (bit rough I admit).


post-8233-0-29627500-1392168953_thumb.jp  post-8233-0-24151900-1392168974_thumb.jp  Some of our fellow exhibitiors!


And the last one for our American friends, a Dodge/ Fargo truck (1934, I believe).  Got any of these around your place?  A mate may be interested in parts! 



Next gig is Grafton day then Ironfest.

See you about the traps,


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