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Fire on the mountain blacksmith festival?

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So I live about 9 hours away from this and want to know from you veterans out there is it worth attending?  I know any chance one gets to rub shoulders with other smiths is a good one, but what of the venders? Where there be affordable tools there or is everything overpriced?  I am not asking to step on any toes, I am just curious and wondering if it worth the trip? 

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According to google maps, you are about 5 hours away.


A friend of mine went last year, and said that all the best tailgate deals were gone by 7am, folks bought 'em off the back of the truck before the parking brakes were set. It is the same story at my local flea market, the pickers show up with flashlights and swarm folks as they show up.

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I went there yesterday, there were several demos going on, 20 or so vendors including the folks from BIG BLU. Not a lot of tools around but i got there at 10 and left with 2 awesome rounding hammers and practically stole some wrought iron. I had a blast, and i'm definitely going again next time. Everyone was saying that it gets bigger and better every year.

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