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    History, particularly Viking, and Scandinavian times. I also like to read.
  1. I have made several shield bosses cold with a dishing stump. I used a power drill and drilled different depth holes in the form of a depression and then just simply cut the excess away with a chisel. It worked well for me because at the time those were the only tools I had available.
  2. So I live about 9 hours away from this and want to know from you veterans out there is it worth attending? I know any chance one gets to rub shoulders with other smiths is a good one, but what of the venders? Where there be affordable tools there or is everything overpriced? I am not asking to step on any toes, I am just curious and wondering if it worth the trip?
  3. I saw what you did and I want you to know that I now have a new item to add to my bucket list. Wow it was so impressive to me to start from square one and go to the finished product. I thoroughly enjoyed the program.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions fellows. I appreciate your help.
  5. I have a question for y'all out there in the land of smiths. Where can you get good carbon steel? I have a good metal supplier locally for hot and cold rolled steel, and have been to some scrap yards for some old leaf springs and such but I want to know where is a good place to get high carbon steel like 1095? Any suggestions would be welcomed. I know I am new but thanks.
  6. That is absolutely gorgeous. How did you make those odd twists and what are they called?
  7. Love the dwarvish look. Good job, might have to make one for a freind of mine.