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I Forge Iron

Howdy! Green hand from utah


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My names David.
I've lived in the Ogden Utah area the last 20 years after my farther retired from the military.
I've been interested in moving hot metal since I can remember.
First glance at a real smithy was at mystic seaport when I was 8. A lady was hammering out S hooks with speed and I've been entranced ever since.
Once home I proceeded to burn up oxy-acc tanks faster than my dad cared for. I think he knew there was worse trouble I could be getting into, smart man.
First anvil was like many a rail track that someone else had finished nicely.
I'm not sure what mangled hunk of steel was the first item but the first with any use was a rebar weed cutter that I was XXXX proud of.

I've made a living as a welder fabricator in adulthood, started a family and chased little ones around the yard. It's only been recently that I've felt there's been time to start again.  Bought a rivet forge from the scrap yard and haven't had so much fun in a hobby as far as I can remember.
I've looked in as a non member for a while and I've seen this forum to be friendly and enthusiastic, I'm happy to be here

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