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We'll I'm cleaning up the shop and heading to the scrap yard. Not a huge haul about 700-800 lbs. It was neat to see all the years mistakes (read learning experiences) in the bottom of the pile. Another year gone by and looking forward to seeing the progress found on next years scrap pile, hopefully not as much as this past years.
I hope your mistake piles are smaller and everyone has a great new year!
Eric S

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I picked up 100# of scrap at the local scrapyard last week including 14' of 1" real wrought iron rod, (and a cast iron skillet that had NOT been used for melting lead; I'm reseasoning it as we speak...)  Also a gas tank valve protector to make a wind bell from two small sawblades that the youth group leader at our church wants to make shuriken from, about 20' of 3/8" sq stock, and a He balloon tank to build another propane forge from.  Oh yah, what I believe is a spacer on a large disk---round slightly conical and with a 1.5" sq hole through the center.  As I have 3 anvils with 1.5" hardy holes I now have a "travel holder for my large anvil tools" so I can use them while I have only the light travel anvils with the small hardy holes.


20 cents a pound.

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