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Heres another "What are they" post, binder


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Ok, So a month or so ago, I got the privilege to pick up a good amount of old metal, tools, and misc. stuff from my Co-workers recently Deceased aunt's house. Her husband had been a jack of all trades type of guy and even did blacksmithing. Unfortunately the majority of the Black smith tools and hardware were gone. But I did find a couple of tools that I have no idea what they might be and would like some opinions.
To give some size reference, the wrench next to the items is 1 1/8" open end wrench head.
post split, posts edited to reflect only one tool



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Any guess on the age of the chain binder? keep in mind, the aunt's husband has been dead some 20 yrs now. what was the mouth/hook on the chain binder used for? it seems to be facing the wrong way to be used in the binding process. Assuming of course that the binder is used in the same manner of the modern non-ratcheting chain binders...




post split

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