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Hello...my name is Kevin and I want to become a Blacksmith.

My father, grandfather and great grandfather were Blacksmiths. Both of my brothers worked in the family smithy but it was closed before I came along.

Anyway...I'm going to sit over here in the corner and read for a while. I may have some questions from time to time...I'll try to use the search function before I ask.


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May I suggest you start on the front page of the site Iforgeiron.com >

Lessons in Metalworking > Blacksmithing

This section designed to answer your questions on how to get stated in blacksmithing. It changes often as new material is added to make the lessons more informative.

From there, read the rest of site.

And don't forget the forum archives (button is at the bottom of the forum page). Pack a lunch before you enter that one. (grin)

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