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Another mystery anvil I.D.

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Hi, picked up a mystery anvil for a song since it was "broken" :D  and need help identifying it.


English weights on the side, no apparent dots after the numbers. Fairly sharp corners. If it ever had a serial number it's long gone.


Handling holes front and back, and one on the bottom only slightly filled with black widow spiders! Actually touched one before I saw them. Thank God they were dead.


Weight says 1 1 20, but it only weighs 140, missing 20 lbs for some reason. :D Has a lovely ring when struck and although hard face is a little worn, rebound is around 80 percent. No depression on the bottom.


Markings are all stamped in. One clearly says 1816 (date?) There's an anchor, and you can tell there was a name or something above, but all you can read now appears to be an E followed by a P, but frankly they could be an A and an R. Rubbed with flour for the photos.



On my way to help wife with chickens, but can't wait to get it on a stump and beat some iron.


Thanks!!! Nbs.

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The name looks to be FOSTER, I can make out FO__ER. I have a very similar one with both the anchor and an 1800's date like this. Foster was one of the few that dated anvils, the C, or another letter is also typical for them. Some think the anchor means it was a British Navy anvil. You've got enough left of it to do plenty. Enjoy!

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