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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the forum and want to make my own knives for a hobby. I have wood working equipment but no metal working equipment in my shop. I would like to know the basic equipment I will need to make forged knives. I'm reading books about blacksmithing from my local library. In addition, where do you find metal to make knives is there a cheep source like automotive junk yards?

Thank you,

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Hi Garyleed,
I'm still working on all of this myself, so I'll leave the answer to those more qualified to answer it. But I have family in Jax. I was born there myself, but was very young when we moved to NC. Just wanted to say welcome and I look forward to seeing how things progress with you as you grow in your skills.

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Go to IForgeIron.com > Lessons in Metalworking > Blacksmithing (on the opening page) and the Lessons should get you started.

Go to IForgeIron.com > Forum > archived (bottom right of the forum page) then

Pack a lunch and something to drink as it may take a while before you see daylight again.

Jim Hrisoulas has written several books on knife making, as well as several Blueprints on knife making. Rich Hale, Garey Ford and others have several Blueprints on knife making on file also. IForgeIron.com > Blueprints
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I think you may find a lot of information in a book by Wayne Goddard called $50 knife shop. It gives us some options that do not break the bank and lets you get into the process and turn out some knives. Make some, sell some and use the money or at least part of it to reinvest in your shop. I have a lot of equipment the allows me to work efficently but with discipline and work you can do really nice work with basics.

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