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I Forge Iron

New (armed with a Truckload of stuff)


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I've been reading here for a few days...registered just the other day.

I just got home from Indiana with an anvil (100# peter wright)....a leg vise (rusty but functional).....a milk crate full of swage blocks, hardies, and old hammer heads.....bunch of tongs.....and a big huge monster belt driven drill press (anyone need it?)

so i need a forge now...gonna build a propane one....

i've worked a little with a guy i work with....plan to do some more learning...

I've always wanted to give it a try....but now finally have a chance :)

hurray! :)

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Welcome to the neighborhood. I live north of Terre Haute In. What do you want for the drill press? I might be interested.


oh i have no idea.... it doesn't turn by hand....but looks like it could be freed up with a little love.

Make me an offer....I'll ask for a little more....we'll go back and forth a few times......and then you come pick it up ;)

i really have no idea what they go for.....

i posted an other thread in the smith'n section that has more pics of my haul....

im pretty happy


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Central Illinoisans!! Not only are you here but also I think i read somewhere we got someone in Pekin also. Look up the Illinois Valley Blacksmith Association on the website. Great group in the area. Or just come out to the Thresherman's Reunion at Pontiac, IL this weekend and say hi at the blacksmith shop. I'll probably (if I sneak outta the house before the wife wakes up) be out there working in the shop on Saturday at least, I'll be the one with the beard wearing a leather apron or bib overalls.....

So, welcome to IForgeIron, and welcome to Central Illinois blacksmithing. You bake in the summer, freeze in the winter, and smile about it year round :)

-Aaron @ the Sandy Creek Forge

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