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Gluing Kaowool in a Forge- What Glue?

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First off, Hello- I'm a Newguy. Finally getting back into learning to blacksmith after loosing an on the job fight with a burning snag several years ago & breaking my back. I'm now retired & "confined" to a wheelchair. More about all that here if you want to know.

I'm in the process of building a forge- Exterior is 8" square steel pipe (3/8 wall) I found somewhere.. Lined with 1/2 height firebrick.

Here it is so far:


The black stuff is GE "Special Projects" High Heat Mortar I used to fill the spaces between the bricks & hopefully glue them to the steel.

I want to line the firebrick with kaowool, but I haven't any idea what adhesive to use to attach the kaowool to the firebrick. I'm hoping you folks will have an answer or at least some ideas for me. I also need to stick the kaowool to the inside of the door (the diamond plate) somehow-

Ideas so far:
For the kaowool to brick bond:
DIluted (with a bit of water to make it easily brush spreadable) GE "Special Projects" High Heat Mortar, brushed on.

Diluted (with water again) ITC 100 ~> But that stuff's a little precious (and Spendy!) so that's not really 1st choice unless it's *perfect* for the job.

For the kaowool to steel bond:
Drill & tap holes in the door, use bolts & a thin strip of steel to hold the kaowool along the top & bottom of the door. I've left enough space for a kaowool "gasket" by setting the bricks 1/2" back from the edge of the pipe. That way the plates used to hold on the door kaowool will not be exposed to internal forge temps.

Simply glue the kaowool straight to the steel door, *if* I can find the right glue.

Thanks all for your input-

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Note how many of the kaowool lined forges you see are round? In them you don't glue the kaowool you just arch it and stuff it in and it holds itself in place.

I have seen folks weld stainless wire to the roof of forgesd and stick it through the kaowool and tie it in place too.


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