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Help ID this Ball Peen ?? Hammer

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It not only LOOKS like a ball peen hammer, it really IS one!  At 4 1/2 pounds a bit large for most riveting tasks.  These are really generic hammer forms that are useful for MANY purposes!  It is unlikely to have had a specific purpose for which it was made.  Blacksmiths certainly do use such hammers... but machinists, farmers, heavy equipment mechanics and others would also find them handy!

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 That's a pretty cool hammer, I got a 5 lb ball peen hammer from a yard sale over the summer, going to have brent baily re-handle it and clean her up for me when I get the spare money. This one was apparently used for sheet metal work up at boeing by the guys father. I got it and a small hammer for 5 bucks each.

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I have a slightly smaller and elongated war time ball peen marked with the broad arrow and date that had the original tag on it:


Hammer, Ballpeen, boilermakers as I recall.  Found an old supply company that had a crate of them  left over from the end of the war.


Folks I sold them too told me they were just the right size for removing track pins from their WWII tracked vehicles

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