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I.D my lathe


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Hi, I recently got a lathe from a workmate, with the intention of getting it working properly. First step is obviously to try and find out what lathe exactly it is. It looks like an early Myford or Myford copy but I was hoping someone might be able to give me more details. Pictures are attached.
I can't find a name plate anywhere on the body but a friend tells me the makers plate would have been on the gearbox cover (missing, naturally)

I'd be grateful for any help you guys can give =)





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Thanks for the response Highsider =) I've just been scouting some pictures, there are remarkable similarities. I don't suppose you'd hazard a guess to a model type?


In case it helps, this lathe has a 14" bed, with 3" chuck height and 10" between chuck and tailstock centres.

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You are welcome Jake,


Model type; Oh boy, you have me there. I don't honestly know. The gear, oil channel & stepped pulley looks like a Drummond system/components.(I am restoring a Drummond lathe at the minute)  Brew up a mug of tea, grab a biscuit and have a look at the link..... some real beauties here




There maybe something that can help you out, hope you are lucky

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Get that KEY OUT of the chuck!!! That's about as bad a habit as a person can get into with rotary tools! I know the motor isn't even hooked up but it only takes ONE time turning a lathe, drill press or any other rotary machine on with a chuck key in the chuck to ruin your life, possibly permanently.


Welcome aboard Jake glad to have you. Please put your general location in the header, you might be happily surprised to discover how many IFI folk live within visiting distance.


It'll also save us some hassle trying find out to find out where to send flowers if you keep leaving keys in power tools. No joke you'll be lucky to get off with broken bones and blood loss.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Alrighty! The man himself, Tony of www.lathes.co.uk , has suggested that this lathe is infact a 3" Ideal. Which helps... Thoughts?


You've had a bit luck..well done. I was a little wrong suggesting it was a Drummond... :ph34r:


Ah well, your link up with Tony seems to have helped, glad you got something out of it..


PS, I agree with Frosty on the key. Get a compression spring hooked up to the end of that chuck key where it will never remain seated in that chuck and only work with a downward pressure motion. You know what they say; prevention is better than cure

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Never mind the motor isn't hooked up, I haven't even made a countershaft yet! However, the chuck key is now lying on the bench, surrounded by HAZARD tape, as befits such a dangerous object. (Kidding but I'll find a compression spring at work today, good call Highsider) My location is now shown Frosty, never even though of it to be honest =) 


Well, now I have a plan. All I need is some bearing carriers, some steel to make a stand with, some aluminium bar to make a countershaft with and some CNC time. Maybe it's time I went to work then...

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