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"Canadian" Brand anvil

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Because the price was very right, I recently bought an anvil, forge and some tools, sight unseen.  I ended up with an older NC forge, a few forging tools, some GE shoeing tools and an anvil.



My question is about the anvil - it's a brand I've not seen before and an internet search has not yielded any information.  The anvil is a farrier's pattern "Canadian" brand. It's about 70lbs, but I have not yet weighed it - definitely a portable size.  Markings on the anvil are a crude measuring scale in inches, the brand, "Made in Canada" and something which looks like "967" (possibly 1967?).


I suspect it's cast, as the usual weld line is visible around the waist.  Other than Canadian Forge and Anvil (I've not seen any of the "anvil" portion of that name), there's very little information (read: None).  I know it's not a high quality anvil, but I'm curious nonetheless.


So... anyone out there have any ideas/information/comments?


I apologize in advance if this is a dead horse.









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Definitely a farriers anvil.  The end opposite the horn is designed to turn the heals of horseshoes, and the bulge in the middle on the side is for pulling clips.  Frank Turley may know more about the history of these anvils.  It looks in good shape and is clearly from the past when farriers would have portable stands and anvils.  These days, you've got to have an expensive rig with a swing out anvil, drill press, belt sander, and welder.  Use it in good health.  I use my 125lb farriers anvil for all my blacksmithing needs.  It serves me well.  Good luck.   

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Ah yes, Dave - I am familiar with the turning cams, heel radius and clip puller, but I've always used my trusty PW for mobile farrier work!

As for fancy rigs - my daddy always said, buy as much real estate as you can afford and get away with as little vehicle as you need! As for welding, it's always been a forge job for me!


Maybe Frank will have a gander at the post...

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Hey Peep,

 I was looking for info on my Canadian Anvil when I found your post. Mine is about 115 pounds and configured a little differently. I like the clipping horn but then this was my first anvil. I bought it new from Randy Blackstock at Western Equine Ent. in Langley( or close) in 1989. The horn is flat in imitation of what lots of American shoers were doing to their anvils at the time. Your anvil looks very similar to a Short Sugar anvil I saw once. The farrier traveling with the Lippizans had one. I think our anvils that they are a single casting though as you can see the casting marks up the center. And I still have an anvil stand Dave and plan to revert to a wooden one soon. One feature of my anvil is its loud clear ring and 20 years later that ring is always with me.

I added some pictures and included my new PW,solid wrought,1  2 10 , and my old shop anvil at 2  2  1, a PW as well and with the welded on face.post-46877-0-23495400-1380928277_thumb.jpost-46877-0-73466800-1380928380_thumb.jpost-46877-0-96201700-1380928435_thumb.jpost-46877-0-19903900-1380928559_thumb.jpost-46877-0-70697200-1380928652_thumb.jpost-46877-0-57622500-1380928712_thumb.jpost-46877-0-92499600-1380928759_thumb.jpost-46877-0-73381800-1380928836_thumb.j

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