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I Forge Iron

Almost there.....


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Been working on a gas forge, Ron Reil's Freon Tank Mini forge, on and off since the beginning of this year. Oxygen tank rather than freon.post-182-0-75335100-1376247742_thumb.jpg Kaowool in hand and just waiting for the local ceramic supply to restock the ITC-100. A few more enjoyable odds and ends (flange to hold the burner, back door) and some kiln shelving to do.


Finally found a 1-60 lb regulator, at my local Ace no less.  Another Ace a few miles away (referral from the camper store) was able to swage the correct fitting on the end of the hose to connect to the regulator. post-182-0-40835200-1376245938_thumb.jpg

Just need to forge, in the tiny MAPP forge,  post-182-0-31863900-1376247375_thumb.jpgthe EZ Burner flare for the end

and pipe dope (yellow) all the joints and I can start tuning the burner.


This site has been invaluable in putting all this together. Thanks for all the input, advice and support, absorbed through search button.

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Sounds like you have evrything covered for a long-term work horse. Will look for some pics when you get it done and into service.

What is the pic of the burning foge?



Where is it Dave? I missed the burning fogE, does it look like someone we know? <snicker>


Frosty The Lucky.

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The pic of the burning foge is my little, tiny MAPP gas forge. Just a section of 6 inch pipe, an inch of kaowool and a Bernzomatic torch. Not hot enough to weld (but I appreciate the vote of confidence Frosty) and about 3+ inches wide, 6 inches deep, it's a bit limited.


I've got a full sized coal forge, but gas is so much easier to get up and running when I've got an hour or so to work. When the coal forge is going, three to five hours seem to pass before I'm done.

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