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Found an anvil!

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So I finally found an anvil. My dad went to a friend's ranch and came back with a priece of railroad track. He also told me that there is an entire forge, that hasn't been used in a few years, that I can use whenever I go up there, also there is two big piles of steel I can hammer on. So know I have a railroad anvil for home and a complete forge at the ranch, plus free steel. So now I can hunt and blacksmith all in the same day.

All for free!!!

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Sounds like you're on the road now, good for you. Try not to spend a bunch of time making a piece of rail "look" like a london pattern anvil. The value of a horn is over estimated  by a large margin. There's almost nothing you can't do on the face and edges you can on a horn.


Keep an eye peeled for some found shafting in that scrap pile, you can make some darned useful bicks and not have to deal with all the torching and grinding trying to make a piece of rail into one.


Now, go build a fire and get to hammering. We'll be watching for process pics and such. Don't forget making tongs is good learning and you can never have too many tongs. Just ask the Metalmangler.


Frosty The Lucky.

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