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Alternative to the "Super Sucker?''

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Hello all! So I just got a really nice coal forge. It's forge from like the 40's and it has a Centaur 800 blower and rheostat and ahhh I love it. 


With that being said, I need ventilation. I tried running a fan in the direction of my open wall (I have a three wall design, the open wall being the one near the forge) and I ended up having to take cough medicine at midnight last night because my coughing was so severe. I would like to see if there is any alternative to the "Super Sucker" side draft hood since I'm the worst welder I have ever met... I mean I can really try if its necessary but I'm still trying to learn every day. I have a whole lot of 8" chimney pipe available, so if that will work it can save me a bit of cash, which, let's be honest, everyone like saving cash... Anyways let me know what you think! Thanks so much! My lungs appreciate it!



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IForgeIron.com > pages > Hofi series > BP1048


BP1048 Side Draft Chimney

The square tunnel is 13 inches x 13 inches. The stainless steel pipes are 12 inches inside diameter. The height of the chimney is 10 feet. 


You can see that 8 inches is a bit small.

r = 4 in or 8 inches diameter
C = 25.13 in
A = 50.27 in2


10 and 12 inches seem to be the sweet spot and most recommended.

r = 5 in or 10 inches diameter
C = 31.42 in
A = 78.54 in2


r = 6 in or 12 inches diameter
C = 37.7 in
A = 113.1 in2 


There is nothing that says the chimney MUST be circular. You can have square, rectangular, hex etc. Then we get into air flow, how the air moves, and a bunch of other calculations.

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Rivets, and or just nuts and bolts will work fine. Anything you can build with a welder can be done with rivots or nuts and bolts. It will just be bulkier, and take longer. And in this case need to be sealed. But these are all obsticles that are easily over come. 8" seems small, but I would think that you could do a double stack out of a "hearth" to make up for the lack of size, but than you're doubling the size and may have issues getting it to draft properly. Something to think on.

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