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Another fine mess

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Well, I screwed up again yesterday afternoon. I was drawing out the blade on a tomahawk and burned the end off. It was my first slit and drift hawk (I usually wrap and weld) and I had already formed the eye and fullered & forged the spike...a lot of work invested. I guess I got distracted by something shiny and turned my back on the forge without flipping off the blower switch. When I noticed the sparks it was too late. Rats!

Corrective action: I just installed a foot switch on the electric blower so the air stops if I step away (gee...just like a hand cranked blower). The switch is from an old sewing machine so has a large actuator plate and I modified it so it is strictly on/off...no speed control in the switch. (I use an air gate for that).

I want to get started over on another hawk but today is going to be a "bush hog the pasture" day so, unless it rains, I'll be stuck on the tractor.


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Rain? What is this rain you speak of? We could really use some of that here in my part of NC.
I am looking forward to trying my hand at a tomahawk or axe of some kind some time soon. I enjoy seeing what everyone else is putting out and I really want to do it too.
Keep at it Steve and show us the results real soon.

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