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Hello to all: I thought I'd try some copper work and i need a few questions answered. Jewelers pickle solution for cleaning copper, is there a recipe or buy it from jewelers supply. Would you mind posting some pictures of your stakes, I'll need to make some. Do you use a wooden mallet or the hammers I already have. When making balls or dishes do you form them from depressions in wood or over stell balls. Please define planishing,and where can you get the tar or material to do repousse on. That should get me going,.........maybe....I hope. Thanks in advance........Duck

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The Orchid web site has a recipe for pickle using swimming pool acid. I know jewelers that use all different types of acid ranging from vinegar to battery acid. I guess it all depends on the amount of risk that you want to take but the swimming pool acid it about the same a the commercial jewelers pickle. I have made most of my own stakes from junk yard finds and polished them up and being able to forge iron I have formed my own when necessary. There is another web site, metalmeet.com, that has a very nice tinsmith work station that has all homemade stakes and stake holder. It is very impressive. I have never done very well at repousse so I can't give you any advice there but I think that Orchid has a formula for the pitch too.

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