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Simpleton question on flare burnup and air vs fuel


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First, ive been reading alot on here and have come to the conclusion that i may not have enough air coming into my homemade naturally aspirated burner. It either runs great, or the flame ignites on the fooor of the forge. A full six inches from the end of the burner. My guts says to drill a couple more intake holes to allow more air in the burner, mixing and igniting in the flare where it belongs. Am i right or is it likely the opposite, and i need the fewer aspiration holes to create the vaccuum and draw the air in.

Second, my homemade flare burned up after about 40 hours or so. This is premature yes? It is not in the forge chamber, yet can get very red hot. The 3/4 inch pipe itself does not get hot, only the flare itself.

Thanks yall and am learning a ton. The build and much if what i have accomplished has all been from reading here

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Got pictures of it burning? what you describe can be a couple different things. If the flare is burning up so quickly it's developing plenty of heat.


How hot is the forge chamber getting? Once to heat how quickly does stock come to heat? Is there flame coming out the door and what color is it if there is?


How long is the burner tube and what size is the jet orifice? What's the area of the air intakes put together?


I need pics and some specific info to he of much help.


Frosty The Lucky.

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The 3/4 " tube is seven inches long if i remember right. Orifice is .025. The forge takes about five minutes or less to start glowing if not in full sunlight. Stock heats quickly. Probably 1 1/2 minutes from cold for thinner stock. Reheats only take thirty seconds or so

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There is dragons breath. It is blue. I apologize for not being exact about tube length and intake holes, im three hours away from home now working. Hopefully the video plays, as it shows how well it can do. It runs now and most of the time, the only thing is it is incredibly picky to get it set right. When it is not running properly the fire starts on the floor and is blue and yellow. Running how i think is proper is as u see here.

I achieve non magnetic easily, but so far can not weld , though admittedly i never tried until now so it could just be my inexperience. During the day stock comes out looking a few shades if range above cherry red. At night it begins to look a slight bit yellow past orange. I am not able to achieve the hot yellow white color i could get with my charcoal forge

The other thing to note, is that my flare are not airtight against the pipe. There is about an 1/8" gap all around where the flare meets the pipe. The tiniest little blue flame is visible comming out of this gap at night, probably less than a half inch long if that

Your council is appreciated!

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