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Question for Strine

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You have a pic in the gallery of a smith with a little tricycle style portable forge. Can you tell me what the undercarriage consisted of and the approximate hearth diameter? I can see the wheel, the handles and the feet, but I can't see what the "X"'s are. Could you tell if this thing collapsed or was it a complete fixed assembly?

The reason I ask is that I am planning to design a fairly light, portable forge around a new Centaur 12" round firepot. I am looking for something that looks "old fashioned" since it will be for public demos but sized so I can handle it by myself and wheel it for a distance (like 50-100 yds to get to a site). I can handle more weight but I'd rather keep the whole thing (or components) to less than 50 lbs each. I already have a 100 lb anvil with stand, a 75 lb vise and barrel assembly and a good large blower but it all needs to fit in my truck and be portaged by 'moi' with no more than a two wheel dolly.

I'm looking for ideas so please chime in if you have a good portable design or have seen one.



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The design is great! But it has more than that, it has STYLE. I'll bet you would have a crowd following you before you get set up. Now if if you could add a popcorn popper attachment or maybe a coffee maker to the side....


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