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fire blanket ratings

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Hi all. I'm building a new forge and the highest rated fire blanket I can find locally is pegged at 2300 f (1260 c). Is this a problem? I know the forge is likely exceed that, and my concern is that I'll be breathing in vaporised blanket. Or will that never happen and the only problem is heat seepage, solved by doubling the blanket?


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Many gas forges exceed 2300f. Yes this would be a problem as your blanket would melt rendering it useless. Doubling it would only make it take longer to burn up, but it would still burn up from the inside out. The inside temperature would still be over 2300f. However, if you coat the blanket with a mortar that is rated higher than 2300; for example, AP Green Greenpatch 421 with a 3300f degree rating, it would hold up much better and also contain the ceramic fibers from becoming airborne.

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What ceramic blanket needs is a wash to protect it from the fire and abrasion. Dodge is suggesting one kind of wash. If you call a ceramic supplier and ask for kiln wash, they'll give you a list. Personally I like ITC-100 but it's getting up in the $100 per pint range and I'm checking into other zirconia products. Though one pint of ITC-100 lasts a darned long time and best of all it makes your forge good for well over 3,200f.


Frosty The Lucky.

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