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Here in MI it's the start of garage/barn sale season, and I stop at every one looking for anvils or other bs tools. What's the best deal you got on an anvil? Last year I stopped at a sale and the guy had a 118# Hay Budden for $30, but let me have it for $25 because it was "dusty"!!

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I don't know that I have any knock 'em dead deals but I bought so jewelry making tools from a widow woman, she had the price way too low, so I paid her what they were worth and not what she was asking for them. I'd had for someone to just up and take advantage of my wife when I'm dead and gone. Of course I try to keep her up to date on what my stuff is worth but some couples just don't communicate much after awhile much to their detriment. You know what goes around comes around and to my way of thinking if you screw someone real bad don't feel to bad when it happens to you. Every once in awhile you will run in a smug son of a gun who will treat your suggestions like you're a piece of dog feces on the street of New York City, now them there folk need to be brought down a peg or two, those folk you have my permission to take advantage of, they be in need of a dose of humility.

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I've had a few good deals


110lb PW in amazing shape was given to me by an elderly couple because they wanted to see it used, and get it out of the garage


175lb PW that has welded edges and hairline cracks in the face, $90 (i got the anvil, a real nice 5" PW post vice, 22  pairs of tongs for $90)


70lb ferriers anvil in NEW shape $125 (with a 2 burner propane forge, 12 pairs of tongs, 10 hammers and a ton of farriers tools)


200lb (I think) Vulcan that i just picked up today, a family friend wanted it out of their barn, free.

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